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Neuville, Quebec

Maison et chien au coeur du Village, entre clocher et fleuve
Venez vivre en Amérique française dans 1 maison de 1880 rénovée bien située, prêt de tous les services...
  • 29th April 2023 - 29th June 2023
  • 61 days
  • Townhouse
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Edmonton, AB, Canada

Need a house sitter? List your advert!
Need a house sitters whilst you're away? List your position on our site. It's FREE! This is our...
  • 12th October 2022 - 23rd October 2022
  • 11 days
  • Duplex
  • Yes
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Being a House Sitter offers a world of opportunity, not only to save money on rent, but also to get to know other people and new places.

House Sitters get the opportunity to travel cost effectively, see and experience areas of Canada. This leads to vast opportunities, both personally and professionally.

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Home Owners, have peace of mind knowing that their home and pets are in safe hands and are getting the love they deserve. In exchange, house sitters get to live rent free and save thousands.

Have peace of mind whilst you’re away, knowing that your home and pets are being looked after. On House Sit Canada you can find that someone.

House and pet sitting in Quebec, Canada

House Sitting in Quebec

Seeing Canada from a different perspective than just the national parks is possible in Quebec. This French-influenced culture region has many European-style chateaux in Quebec City and modern skyscrapers in Montreal. You’ll never be bored, as you’ll be seeing two very different parts of Canada.

Exploring Quebec through house sitting is one of the best ways to experience the place. By doing pet sitting jobs in Quebec, you’ll get to stay in a nice home and interact with cute furry critters – ideal for any animal lover! But fear not, there’s also plenty of house sitting opportunities without pets (if that’s more your thing).

Many European-style chateaux can be found in Quebec City. It is the most French part of the province, thanks to these beautiful structures. There are plenty of dog friendly parks and open spaces, perfect for a morning or afternoon stroll. Montmorency Falls is the most beautiful waterfall. It is surrounded by green parks and provides a majestic vantage point. In the winter, visit the Hôtel de Glace— an ice hotel that offers guests an unforgettable fairytale experience.

House Sitting in Quebec

Those who choose to house sit in Gatineau, Quebec benefit from the fact that they’re located on the Ottawa riverfront. Many important historical and political landmarks can be found on the south bank of the Ottawa river. These include the Canadian Museum of History and Parliament Hill; they’re located in Gatineau, which is a quiet city itself.

Quebec has a wide range of natural landscapes to explore. The province has at least 24 national parks, which are excellent places for dog sitters to explore and have some fun time. These parks are found in the Saguenay Fjords, Mont Tremblant and other parts of the province. No matter where you’re going in Quebec, you’ll always find something new and amazing to see. Just be sure to have a French phrasebook on hand, just in case or if your curious to learn some more French with real life practice!

Montreal: The Capital of Quebec

Montreal is one of Canada’s biggest and most exciting cities. Why not go and explore Mount Royal, Montreal Basilica, Notre Dame Basilica, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which are all close to one another. They’re all located at the top of a mountain with a stunning view across the city. There’s plenty to keep yourself busy while downtown and plenty of pet friendly parks and walks too.

House Sitting in Quebec

What is House Sitting?

House sitting is a way to live in a house for free. A house sitter will look after the property and pets while the homeowners are away.

House sitting is also an alternative to Airbnb. Unlike Airbnb, house sitting doesn’t cost anything to start and it’s not limited to just a few countries. House sitting is a great way to get the chance to experience different lifestyles while exploring an area. There are many people who are willing to provide their homes as a home-base for travelers and those people can accommodate in any type of lifestyle. House sitting saves money on accommodation costs, but it is recommended that you do your research before accepting any house sit job offers.

Finding Housesitting Jobs

Housesitting is a form of home care service where the housesitter takes care of the homeowner’s property and pets. Housesitting jobs are usually advertised online, on social media, or in classified ads.

Some people use housesitting as a way to explore new places while earning money at the same time.

Is House Sitting for You?

House sitting is a popular option for people who want to travel the world and live in other countries.

It is a great way to see the world and save money on accommodation. It also helps you get insight into different cultures. You can live in another country for weeks, months or even years while doing house sitting.

There are many reasons why people decide to house sit instead of staying at hotels or renting apartments. Some people find it more cost-effective, others like the idea of living in a new place without any commitments and some just want to live in a foreign country without having to buy property there.

How to Become a House Sitter

Getting started is simple. Just head over to our membership page. You will then be directed to registration and the membership fee payment page (we often run promotions as well, so you may score yourself free membership, or a discounted membership!). Happy House Sitting!

House & Pet Sitting in Quebec

Looking to do some pet and house sitting in Quebec? House sitting involves a person, couple or family staying in someones home while the owner is away, and often involves caring for the owners pets and plants. In exchange, house sitters get to stay for free. On House Sit Canada, homeowners in Quebec can find and connect with house sitters in Quebec

House Sit Canada is a meeting place for homeowners and house sitters in Quebec, as well as all other regions and areas of Canada. Our website allows you to filter house sitting jobs based on location, dates needed, and other criteria.
When applying for a house and pet sitting position, remember to provide a complete profile, as well as references where available. You may also want to consider applying for a police check or background check.

It is also a good idea to clearly communicate your expectations and make sure that the home owner understands your experiences, such as taking care of pets, watering plants, and handling any emergencies.

Overall, house sitting can be a convenient and cost-effective solution for both house sitters and home owners. With a little research and careful planning, you can find a house sitting job in Quebec and make some great connections along the way. Sign up as a house sitter today!

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